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05/09/14 Praise For Lamont

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  1. I knew it! This is a modern version of the classic Gullible’s Travels after all! Always thought Captain there looked just like the mountain near Belfast, exactly the same nose profile and personality!

  2. @Harry: ok, you lost me at “mountain”.

  3. He’s not gullible, he is giving Lamont the benefit of the doubt. Lamont sounds like a psychopath or he wants to be one with that attitude.

  4. A psychopath wannabe? That explains a lot…

  5. There are various levels of psychopathy. There is a test you can take. You could just have a few of the traits and not be a psychopath yet at times act just like one. They care for no one but themselves. They tend to lie which for them is equal to telling the truth. Only a few of them are brilliant, the rest end up in an early grave or in prison. They don’t all kill. But doesn’t stop them from ordering others to do the job. Whether it is a criminal gang or a general in the military. They are everywhere just like vampires. They are free from sentiment and probably PTSD too. They shrug off pain more easily than the usual. Ayn Rand considered them, the successful ones, to be “superior” humans. Which explains much about our society. Especially in the big business scene.

    They tend to mess up whatever they are involved in to their benefit or they get others to be blamed as they rise to the top. Their ethos infects every sector of our society and promoted as a good thing. Traits to be copied and edified.

    End of message.

  6. @Quasar, the prone giant is said to have been inspired by a mountain overlooking Belfast that looks like a giant’s head from a certain angle. If you giggle cavehill face or belfast gulliver mountain you should find it. Mind you doesn’t look like our Captain in most photos, only in the ones from the right direction a ways off.

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