Apologies! The server died, but my web-host guy, Corey (and minions) have totally been saving the day! <3 <3 <3 <3

Back up! There may be hiccups over the next day or so while everything is tweaked, but, yay! We’re back up!


I’m writing this post on May 6th, a day before leaving to TCAF. But it’s posting after the TCAF weekend. So, we’ll assume I had a wonderful time with good friends and met a lot of amazing people, as is usually the case.

Oh, and I haven’t yet posted the update to my self-portrait, which I think I worked on May 2nd. i think I added the wall color, the lamp post, and the pussy willow stems. Oil painting is such a slow process. Paint some, wait a week for it to dry, paint some more. Fun! 🙂


05/12/14 Big Deal Of Nothing

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  1. I like the progress on the self portrait. It is particularly interesting as I recall the earlier stages where less was done and I thought the coloring on the figure popped out rather oddly from the parts not yet done–I was wondering if you were going to do something really abstract with that.

  2. I like how the self portrait is coming out. I look forward to see the finished work.

    Regarding the comic, I’ve characterized Orion as a cat; now I think the Captain must be some type of invertebrate.

  3. Glad we’re all ambulatory again!

  4. Not to make a big deal of it or anything…

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