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05/21/14 Perfect Audio Recall

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  1. Oh! They tried to establish a dial-up modem connection with Earth.

  2. And the second one said, “NRRRF GHEH FRHHHFTGPH, AFTA MIF CHWAH!” Hee hee!

    Don’t tell me you’ve heard it. I don’t think you get Last Cosmic Standing here.

  3. And now our helpful spy offers to mislead our hero.

  4. She’s an alien infiltrator.

  5. Just remember while in transit no communications are possible. They would have to stop.

    Perfect audio recall.

    Hey Christopher, will we be getting any flash backs to how they were selected for this voyage? Or should I just take it day-by-day and let it unfold as you planned it?

  6. Yeah, that’s right… Do we know she was really sleeping during the crisis? She may have had an alibi if the captain did try to wake her. And why didn’t he, really? He may be her handler, unknown to her. Two moles are better than one, in case one fails or needs help. And he does seem to spend a lot of time handling her.

  7. Chris hates it when we try to guess the reveal.

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