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Monday was good. Met up with plein air buddies (first time since last summer) and we sat around painting and drawing and drinking tea. What a fun way to work!

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06/18/18 All About

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  1. Now, let’s see how they’re going to get out of this one.

  2. It’s worse.

    They’re heeerrre.

    Or it’s plasma ionization of Vagus’ fumes in stasis around the ship. What happens in Vagus. Stasis Vagus.

  3. Timeless, Coyoty . . .

  4. Should that translucent panel make the characters’ legs see through?

  5. Panel 3 should be aliens’ , plural possessive.

  6. @Nick, that special kind of glass will be invented in about 47 years. I’m looking forward to it!

    @Nomi, thanks! Fixed!

  7. “Looks like the aliens have found us, captain.” The rise of the music to its commercial cue.

    Of course we, as they, have little information on the aliens. Their look, planet, atmosphere. If they are anything like “456” from Torchwood, they will be very alien indeed. Nice of them to actually respond too.

  8. Battlestations! Turn!

    Might work. Don’t look like it though.

  9. Well, the aliens will have to wimp out on the “destroying” part, or this comic will come to a rather sudden conclusion. 🙂

    Either the aliens really don’t known humans that well – of course we’d try to test it [1] – or they’re playing some sort of deeper game.

    [1] If they _really_ wanted us to stay away, they should have added something along the lines of “and after destroying the ship, we will then dipatch our elite force of atomic butt-bots and ream out your entire political leadership.”

  10. Is there a sky in space? Wow, that sounds like I had a joint too many.

  11. There really isn’t much of a way to keep curious Home Sapiens Sapiens away unless you have a bad reputation. And even that might attract more than less. The only was is if…well there isn’t a way to keep humans away.

  12. Enter Vagus in a white robe, gushing about “something wonderful!”

  13. @Nathanyel – it’s all sky.

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