What a week. I don’t even remember what I did. Work work draw draw work. I can’t believe it’s almost the end of June.

Hey, you all know I’m going to be in Minneapolis over 4th July weekend for Convergence Sci-Fi/Fantasy Con, right?

Thank you all for getting my Patreon page a good launch! You’re the best! 🙂

06/20/14 The Third Baffle

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  1. “If you give us fuel, we’ll go back and you won’t see us again.”
    ::Works for us.::
    “That was easy.”

  2. I have to smile in reading about you being at CONvergence in Minneapolis. (And believe me, if I could swing the money, I’d be there in a heartbeat.) I remember when I lived in Minneapolis mumble-mumble years ago being involved with MinnStF (Minnesota Scientifiction — Google the word), helping with the con and hearing the history. When the second con was being organized, it was a struggle to find a place to host it. (The very first one was a relaxicon held one January Saturday afternoon at the U of MN student union.) None of the reputable convention sites in town wanted to touch this very weird group. They finally were able to book a site because the con was going to be over Easter weekend, and hotels (at least at the time) were empty over that holiday. If you came home for Easter, you stayed with family, not in a hotel.

    The con d*mn near filled up the hotel. Granted, it was a smallish hotel in downtown Minneapolis, well on its way to fleabag status, but it was still a REAL CONVENTION!!! Word got around and the more reputable hotels were able to overcome their revulsion if it meant making money. They even started competing for the con: sure, the people dressed up weird, but the staff all reported that these people were the most polite of ANY convention ever hosted and the people didn’t cause trouble. (At one con, there was a serious problem with non-convention-goers were hassling some of the women who were dressed in garb. That was resolved the next year by blocking out the entire hotel for the con — possible because by then Minicon had grown so large and continued to grow.)

    Didn’t mean to take up so much space, but I’m at the age when the memories start flowing and it’s hard to turn off the spigot. I know you’ll enjoy CONvergence — there’s someone there who really knows how to mix up a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster. (The StPl blog — pronounced “sti-ple” — is good too, if you’re a tippler.) (StPl = St. Paul, which for years was a “dry” town in an attempt to control the antics of all those riff-raff-rivermen.)

  3. MMMMmmmmmm. 🙂 I do love the twin cities.

  4. Wish I was going to Convergence! Bought the first two collections of your previous strip from you there a few years back.

    Muzhik, would that “well on its way to being a fleabag” hotel be the Leamington?

    Oh, and next year is Minicon 50, so we’d be thrilled to have you back in town!

  5. This just sounds like more sabotage. Seems they are to fail one way or the other. Not good prospects for them. I guess we will see if they have the gumption, pluck and the fortitude to work together to get back alive.

  6. Humans are not allowed to come visit, but ask for a rescue? They’re ya go.

  7. Well, considering the speeds they are moving at, it could also be a mere pebble that slammed past the shields. I was personally expecting the deceleration to result in the mummified corpse of Vagus overtaking them due to inertia.

  8. @SKJAM!, Maaayyybeee…. All I remember is that it was demolished a year or two after I left town, its absence filled by a gleaming black slab of asphalt, with painted lines demarcating parking slots.

  9. Fnordius, we were already told that Vagus’ body was vaporized when it hit the field.

  10. Nothing like being 13.3 billion light years from home and run low on fuel. How fast is their ship travelling?

  11. @Lake Sailer – jolly.

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