So, yes. Minneapolis. There was this thing. Convergence. An annual SF/F convention in Minneapolis on 4th of July weekend. Four days of costumes, panels, movies, more costumes, strange drinks, music, House of Toast, Art Show, and of course where I was stationed most of the weekend: The Dealer’s Room. Since this is my third year there, I know a few people, and got to say hello which was quite nice. But mostly I worked hard, had some good conversations, and then walked around for a few hours after amongst the chaos of the convention before finding a tiny corner to hide in and putter on my laptop. Only after the weekend was over did I realize that Marina Sirtis had been a featured guest (Counselor Troy). I am not very good at these things. But, anyways, if you’re near the twin-cities, like SF/F, like costumes, you should find yourself a place like this. You will feel at home. Plus, toast.


After the weekend, I spent a couple days enjoying the twin cities (Minneapolis and St Paul). I first went there around 1990, and it’s one of my favorite cities in the US. If it weren’t for winters, I’d even consider it a place one could move to. Anyhow, my friend (who put me up) and I got good food, had food with family, and went to the sculpture garden and the art museum (the cherry spoon bridge is the sculpture garden’s signature piece, btw). A lovely time.


07/11/14 One Good Turn

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  1. When you happen to kill Vagus, you stay with Vagus.

  2. “Spoon!”

  3. Let me get this straight: You live in New Hampshire now, right? New Hampshire, where the coconuts and mangoes fight for growing space in the warm, tropical breezes? Where the locals spend their winter nights lazing about their cabanas drinking mai-tais? THAT New Hampshire?

    And you’re complaining about the winters in MINNEAPOLIS-ST. PAUL??!!!

  4. Well now we know there is a another. One who is the real enemy agent. Though the point is lost as to why if this is a suicide mission an not a cover for something else. Then it would make sense. And if there is another ship, one that is supposed to reach the aliens, but then why lie about it?

    I have reached a stopping point on the train of thought so far. Needing more input to correlate data.

  5. Enemy agent? It would be funny if it (was) Vagus….

  6. (Personally I think the agent was/is Olivia or the bald headed dude. Bald-head because he seems to be justifying the situation better with the whole alien death worth it hopefully thing and knew how to fix the problem that wiped out most of the audio a while back, and Olivia because I’m pretty sure she’s crazy and has mental problems. That might be a sign of someone tampering around in her noggin to make her a sleeper agent, or maybe it just made her easier to do that with or the like.)

  7. Looks like the outside faces got left off the rings around the windows, or their normals are inverted.

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