Gessoed 7 canvasses this weekend. An intimidating batch, knowing I’m going to have to cover them all with colorful paint in some kind of order so they look like pictures. With much less pressure or time investment, I then made cranberry maple muffins.

Not a lot else. Played racquetball, which I haven’t done for a while (mostly due to Minneapolis). OH! Oh-oh-oh! My sweetie and I went up to one of the gazillion Adirondack lakes and went swimming for the first time this summer. Very satisfying. Then I made caramel corn and we watched a movie.

And, as usual, I was called by the president, donned my cape, and saved the world again. It was kept hush-hush, so I’m sure you didn’t hear about it. But it was awesome.

07/14/14 Like The Present

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  1. Rappel? πŸ™‚

  2. The president never calls ME to save the world. Any more. How was I supposed to know that mongooses… Well, you’ll find out soon enough, if Chris hasn’t already taken care of it.

  3. They could always join the aliens…
    Or run with a scissors…
    Or eat with their mouth open…
    Or make a campfire in a starship… odd, now I want to do this… Huh.
    Pimp My Starship!

  4. Thanks, @Dajagr! Fixed!

    @Coyoty, that was last Thursday! You ARE behind the times. πŸ˜‰

  5. Hmmmmm…. now I’m starting to wonder: Maybe these people have all been assessed as “extremely talented but pathologically maladjusted” and this is the therapy Earth shrinks have come up with. They’re not in space at all. It’s the Kobayashi Maru!

  6. @Nomi

    (That would totally work for me. Also, think this might all be a huge experiment in turning a maladjusted crew into a functional working one. That would also work for me. Frankly, at this point, I think that if they get anything but ‘we’re all going to die’ they’ll be good.)

  7. How far out does the TET field extend? If they touch it they are toast.

  8. Stephen Smoogen

    Hi Christopher. I have been getting a reoccuring RSS feed error which seems to have cut off the feed for the last week. Sorry for the late notice. I thought you might have gone on a summer hiatus and I missed the announcement. Hope all is well.

    One Way: LibXML error 5 at line 110 (column 301): Extra content at the end of the document

  9. @allsmiles

    (well, i wouldn’t want them to get: “you’re going to have every single bone in our body broken, healed and rebroken 666 times,” either)

  10. Well, they’re not badass enough to be a Dirty Dozen and mop up the place with the aliens, who might after all have been making empty threats all along and are really creampuffs. So maybe they are just enough of a mix of talent and ‘outside-the-box’ to solve a thorny problem…

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