Busy times. Met up with the co-organizers for the “drawing theater productions” thing, and we discussed how the season went and what ideas we had for next year. Some black gesso I ordered arrived, and so I coated all the blank canvases I have. Had an excellent idea for my novel, and so I did a quick edit throughout it integrating the idea. Inked a crap-load more Little Dee pages. played racquetball. Made soup. Cleaned house.

Where the heck all this energy came from is beyond me.

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08/08/14 Before You Die

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  1. We don’t have to get in the sack, Orion, but it might be easier on your back.

  2. And forget about two though one hundred as well.

  3. Sadly not every desire will be fulfilled.

  4. Self destruct to save humanity?

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