Go, Dr. Abigail Allwood! Leading NASA’s search for life on Mars. From everything I’ve read she’s super smart, and it’s so nice to see more and more women getting recognition in science.

Heck, it’s just been an exciting space exploration week. The European spacecraft “Rosetta” is nearing a comet, where it’s going to send a little exploration unit. How cool is that?

Also, Monday night I did an 8″x8″ oil painting using a live model. I am very pleased. For those who have requested it, the image below is “safe for work” click HERE for the “NSFW.”

08/06/14 Duty to Cheer

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  1. Beautiful piece, Christopher. Your oils just get better with each passing brushstroke.

  2. Like I said, it would be bad for morale.

  3. Searching for life on Mars is like looking under the street lamp after having already searched there repeatedly. But hey, it makes for good news headlines!

  4. @Lev: But searching for life on Mars might be like the old joke about the drunk searching for his keys under a street light. A passerby is helping him, and when they search under the street light and find nothing, the person says, “Are you sure you dropped them here?” The drunk replies, “No, I dropped them over there but the light’s better here.”

  5. Poison? She could always get Star out of lockup.

  6. Thanks, @Chaucer59!

  7. Francisco is done really well in the fourth panel! Good job.

  8. Your ability to draw your comics, especially people, has been slowly but constantly getting better Christopher. There’s still room for improvement, but you are light years beyond where you were when you were drawing Space Trawler.

  9. So natural body parts are off limits to our fragile psyches? I blame the anti-humanism of Christianity for this insanity.

    However you comic is a pleasure to read. At first I thought the former captain was dead!
    Nice to see he is just a living-dead person.

  10. In the future, humans reproduce by cloning with the following defects: single uniboob, and lack of male genitalia to do what te captain had been doing earlier.

    I wish the artist would either evolve, or state he will not evolve that.

  11. @CthulhuEarring, I will not evolve that.

  12. Cthulu, please review SS Myra.

  13. @ Chaucer59: Is it bad that I read “brushstroke” as “breaststroke”?

    (I’ll answer that: Mmmmmmaaaaaaaaybe… 😉 )

    • As a former swimmer whose best times were in breaststroke, no, I don’t see anything bad. 8^)

  14. Space travel, even traveling so fast it is still a long boring journey. Either sleep through it or keep busy.

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