Writing, inking, racquetball, a bountiful CSA week, stretching canvases. My week: the usual.

A bright spot in the news (in contrast to the horror of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO and the losses of both Robin Williams And Lauren Bacall, and the Middle East, and on and on), the first female ever won the Fields maths medal! Glad to see things shifting.

08/13/14 The Unlocking

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  1. Was it Vagus committing suicide by proxy? What happens if Vagus was slayed by Vagus?

  2. Even I can’t believe there are still Vagus puns left.

  3. He’s being pretty Vagus about it…

  4. The solution is right in front of us, but we’re still asleep. Who’s gonna Vagus?

  5. I’m not sure whether Gordon actually knows for sure or is just making a Vagus.

  6. What happened to Vagus stays with Vagus.

  7. YAY, she’s back, I missed her and love her! <3

  8. [insert unfunny Vagus pun here]

  9. I doubt it was Vagus because I can’t imagine a good reason to keep it a secret if it was him.

  10. I finished going through the archive, and this story reminds me of “Destination: Void” by Frank Herbert – a small crew on a ship sent to deep space encoutners unlikely failures which pressure them into completing a presumed impossible task. This was a favourite theme of Herbert’s – the Fremen of the harsh environment of Arrakis (Dune), and the trapped population on the harsher planet Dosadi in “The Dosadi Experiment” are other examples.

    Makes me wonder how many of these events are a setup for the crew, and what the ultimate purpose is.

  11. Things are not all of what they seem. Nor is it simple either.

  12. Ooo. Ex-captain might have a short life expectancy.

  13. Heh. If I tampered with Star’s meds I’d free her…

  14. My money is on Orion being a ‘sleeper’ agent with an agent personality that takes over when she naps. No one looks for her since she’s AWOL all the time when everyone else is working together, giving her other personality time to do stuff like tamper with meds while everyone else’s location is accounted for.

    Also there is a dark horse possibility Vagus isn’t dead, just ‘on ice’ somewhere with his body mass having been ejected into space to make it look like he was thrown out.

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