Met up with some writer friends last night, and they helped by tearing apart the intro of the comic-to-replace-One-Way-due-out-around-new-years. Overall it’s coming out great and I’ve been getting good feedback, I’m just working now to make it even stronger.

But most of the night was just cracking jokes and eating cookies until midnight. Which is about as close to perfection as I know it.

08/15/14 Like A Teenager

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  1. The one who messed her meds isn’t going to be happy she’s out. The framer might do more damage or killing to try to maintain the blame on Star.

  2. That last panel is adorable. 🙂

    I’m happy about this turn of events.

  3. Wait your killing off one way?

  4. Coyoty, maybe not if it’s Gordon and he’s being cunning…

  5. Well Gordon would then know who it was but still be unsure why he did it in the first place.

  6. Evil713, from the start he’s said that One Way would have about a one year run.

  7. Pursuade
    I choose to believe he actually pronounced it that way

  8. @Evil713, what @Rimwolf said. It was always planned to be a one-year project. Sort of a breather between epics (the next one will be longer, although I don’t know how long).

  9. Thanks, @Dan, fixed!

  10. It will be quite a bit harder to mess with Star’s meds now. So she is out and the agent will know the heat is on. So things will be less boring now as the paranoia sets in.

  11. he said paranoia AAAAAAAAAH!

  12. It’s not Paranoia it’s Clue. Wait, do they have lasers? If so it’s Paranoia.

  13. @KNO3, but if it’s Paranoia, where is the cake? Christopher loves us, and I’m sure he would want us to have cake at the end. Christopher is our friend. We don’t want to hurt our friend’s feelings.

    (Yeah, yeah, I know that’s Portal, not Paranoia. I always viewed Paranoia as Portal’s older, not-as-sexy older sister.)

  14. Is that the first smile we saw on Star?

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