I went to studio-model on Monday and did another painting. 8×10, I believe. As before, due to requests of not showing nudity on the main page, the “NSFW” version can be found here.


08/27/14 Things To Know

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  1. David D Davidson

    So now we know she’s not crazy and there’s an actual conspiracy. When do the secret agents pop out of the secret compartment and commandeer the ship?

  2. When we do have contact with aliens, there will be some in power who will press to kill them before they can kill us. If they had the technology to wipe out the aliens’ solar system and the opportunity, they would. Because people no longer take commies under the bed seriously.

  3. Coyoty: You forgot to think of Fox News.

  4. Nathanyel they are doing ISIS now. Communists are passe these days except for Putin that is.

  5. KNO3: You’re just Putin us on!

  6. @Coyoty, re: commies under the bed: my Russian wife (may God keep her close) would STRONGLY disagree with you.

  7. Now it’s Terrorists– TSA will get them! (14 years later, none, but they will!)They looked in my 90 year old granny’s drawers at the airport looking for em, they’ll find one yet!

  8. Re Secret agents popping up: where has Doctor Smith been stowed away all this time?

  9. It is all on contingency this flight, all on contingency.

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