Thursday I drove down with Mike Peterson (I illustrate newspaper serial stories he writes) to Albany to meet Mary Miller of the NYNPA NIE (New York News Publisher’s Association, Newspapers In Education). Which is nice, Mary is responsible for much of the grants for funding for theses stories, and I’d yet to meet her (and she’s a hoot). Oh, and, btw, contact Mike or Mary if you wish educational serials to run in YOUR paper.

08/29/14 Death Simplifies

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  1. They’re boned.

  2. *cues up the Barry White*

  3. They’re buggered.

  4. They’re up $#|^ creek… though maybe there might be some paddling….

  5. The only thing worse than dying will be the awakwardness if they live…

  6. What happens in Gordon, stays in Gordon. Or Lamont, I suppose.

  7. Six million aliens like this.

  8. Might as well.

  9. Is this how Dimitri was conceived? No, wait, that story has more alcohol in it.

  10. …and still can’t draw boobs unless it’s for another comic, lol.

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