I’ll be at Rose City Comic Con in Portland, OR this weekend, table #526. Come stop by!





I’ll be at Rose City Comic Con in Portland, OR this weekend, table #526. Come stop by!

So, I’ll be traveling until October 7th. I am pretty much done with all the strips during this period (been working hard), so there shouldn’t be any delays in posting the strip (well, assuming there are no technical difficulties).

09/19/14 Pushed Too Far

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  1. Man! Now I hate *all* the characters, except for the dead guy, and it doesn’t look like he’s going to appear again! 🙂

  2. I think that’s generally the point. And you’d probably hate Vagus too if he’d stayed around…

  3. Vagus and Francisco have their, well, whining in common. Vagus just hid and controlled his better. Captain Whinypants is still trying to find some hint he has some semblance of control. He hasn’t, but he isn’t dead yet.

  4. I had to wallop a brand-new captain once to stop him from copping a courts-martial. He was not a drinker, but some of the guys got him liquored up not knowing that as it was his promotion party. They torpedoed his coke with gin. He was hitting on an enlisted woman pretty hard. When he grabbed her I stepped between them and reminded him of his duty. When he shoved me I gave him a fist-sized seeping pill. He woke up with his bars intact but a bad head and a sore jaw. As far as I know he never tried it again and never drank again, either. It happens more often than you think. And it happens in reverse, too. I’ve known three femme officers who lost careers over affairs with married enlisted men. Sad but what can you expect? They’re all young, fit, hormonal, highly motivated humans thrown together in stressful environments with lots of adrenalin. As we have seen with Dimitri, humans will shag anything that moves. When a human walks into a room, the fish stop swimming. Part of the human condition.

  5. Wow, Chris, thanks for that. I really wish people didn’t tolerate that shit, but mostly they stand up for the harasser, who’s typically much more manipulative, basically centers himself in every way making it hard to call it out. Like the ones then calling it out are the ones causing trouble, not him.

  6. Writing novels can do that to you.

  7. @Minando, Ha! 🙂 THAT explains my post novel vigilantieism.

  8. I love the characters in this story more and more each M-W-F

  9. Chris, a question, please, for us ham-fisted, non-artistic types.

    When you travel to the further comic-cons and things, how do you get your “booth stuff” there? Take it with you on the jet (sounds expensive what with the piracy airlines practice with baggage fees)? Do you send it on ahead by UPS, etc? Or do you simply drive the whole blatzing way?

    Oh, by the way, in honor of talk like a pirate day…Aaaarrrr, matey!

  10. Thanks, @Firesickle!

    @War_Pig, I seem to have a scattered group of friends, and so 99% of the time I ship the books “media rate” via USPS (cheapest way for books) to someone I know in the area. Then i crash on their couch and PILFER all their cookies. YARRR! 🙂

  11. @Chris: Thanks. I was interested in the logistic aspects.

  12. Panel 3 and 4 look a little off. Gordon and Francisco, they don’t look like they’re actually looking at each other, something about the perspectives of the heads.

  13. Francisco is an official Neckbeard now. XD

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