I’ll be at Rose City Comic Con in Portland, OR this weekend, table #526. Come stop by!





I’ll be at Rose City Comic Con in Portland, OR this weekend, table #526. Come stop by!

And, if you’re curious, I did a ship slice, so you can see how all the rooms connect.


09/17/14 Nchrfruffughhnnt

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  1. Maybe she’s just fluent in alien as a mole, pretending to have remembered it. And while he’s not quite fluent, he’s somewhat familiar with the language, as a mole. And as a mole, the original captain quit to slow down the mission. And everyone else is a mole too, unknown to everyone else. Maybe the only non-mole was Vagus and everyone else did something to kill him. Murder on the Orient ExSpace.

    Obligatory Vagus pun:

    “Captain, I’ve analyzed that red smear on the side of the ship, and confirmed it’s Vagus’ remains.”
    “So… What happened with Vagus, stained with Vagus…”

  2. Coyoty, I predict the third murder will be committed by…

    aliens at the no fly zone with an anti-matter missile barrage.

  3. A kingdom for a babel fish.

  4. MMMMMM – ship slice – with mint frosting.

  5. You know how you can easily determine this ship plan is not real? Notice all those athistically pleasing sealable hatches that can seal off rooms in case of decompresion? And they seal off like 25% of space. But notice that there are NO hatches sealing off floors. Any breach in main compartment will air 90% of their air supplies and cut off all rooms. 🙂

  6. I like the ship slice. It reminds me the “Diagram of the Batcave!” or “Plans for Fantastic Four HQ!” in old twelve-cent comic books (or twenty-five-cent “80-page Giants”).

  7. Well, don’t forget, they’re not supposed to be coming back. Maybe this was the pretty non-functional walk-through show-ship until they were all put on it and sent out.

  8. A few comments on spacecraft interior:

    – The pressure door thing is a bit inconsistent, but then we have a vehicle that is flying at ludicrous speeds through deep space with a greenhouse dome facing forward.

    – An elevator (with a ladder for emergencies) would have used up a lot less floor space, but the space would be much less interesting visually.

    – Why the low ceilings and round doors on the living quarters? The space above the rooms on this level doesn’t seem to be used for anything.

    – Just realized how elaborate that captain’s chair is. Looks like it could fly around by itself.

    But remember, as with all famous SF spaceships, the first commandment is “Thou Shalt Look Cool.” This ship does.


  9. “as with all famous SF spaceships, the first commandment is “Thou Shalt Look Cool.””

    That indeed was my main goal. 🙂

  10. and indeed it does the craft speaks of vulnerability and capability at the same time. All the “glass” makes me cringe and yet I know it’s a first model and not designed for combat so some exceptions must be made. Still incredi-good as far as realistic starships go.

  11. Ok, first, you have more talent in one finger than I have in total, and beautiful detail through out your work.
    I would have put a spiral staircase in from top to bottom with hatches that could seal off the staircase on each floor in case of decompression. And special hatches in each made large enough to move equipment between floors(closed when in flight).

  12. <TKG just because it is transparent, doesn’t mean it is glass. For all you know they have found a way of changing the refractive index of metal.

    Even a one way vessel would have the standard complements of any starship. It might cost more to remove them.

    I still say they will find out that the nuances in the language they did not catch, like in Mandarin or Vietnamese which are sing-song, you have to inflect it just right or you have another meaning of the word. (Standard humorous moment in many tv shows and movies.)

  13. It’s transparent aluminum, or rather aluminum oxynitride. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aluminium_oxynitride

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