A quick announcement. On October 14th, a new strip will be running here on Tuesday and Thursday, alongside “One Way.” The piece is titled “Julie Phazer, Hero of Sol” and is an action adventure sci-fi (occasionally comedic) story written by myself and drawn by the amazingly talented Don Ahé. I can’t wait to share it with all of you.

The convention was, indeed, a fine thing. Had some good conversations and the time passed quickly.

Ahhhh, it’s Wednesday. I’m down in the northern tip of California, visiting my sister. Beautiful area, although sad about the toickly.

09/24/14 Star’s Options

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  1. Francisco needs matching eyes.

    Now we know why the last man on Earth sat alone in a room.

  2. I’m trying not to look to hard on the former captain. You have to realize that in a way, he’s likely just as depressed as she is. He’s just having a crisis in how to deal with it. After a lifetime of being the responsible nice-guy pushover, he’s taken leave of responsibility for the first time, has discovered that the mission he’d been assigned to lead is a suicide mission he has little hope of surviving, and probably has extremely little experience in dealing with his problems directly in a void where he can’t just bury himself in his duties. With very little to enjoy and be happy about, he wants one of the few things that he DOES know he enjoys, but no longer gets from the one person he briefly seemed to get along with – the little endorphin rush called sex, which he now seems to itch for the way a sad fat man wants cake and ice cream. He knows it will make him good, if just for a while, and on some level he probably is even aware it won’t really help anything… but he doesn’t know what else to do to cope. He’s always had the problems of being an officer to distract him from the problems of being a man. Alone and distressed, he aches for comfort where there is little to be found, and with access to alcohol and the reason for his former decorum absent, he’s not being very considerate of what an ass he’s being to get to it. I hope something comes along to snap him out of it, for his sake. But until then, he’s going to be insufferable. :

  3. He’s ignoring the possibility that Star may find women attractive, or at least more attractive than him.

  4. Uh…

    … It seems our intrepid crew has yet another problem. I calculate that Francisco’s beard will have entirely infested the ship within 12 hours.

  5. @RedDwarfIV, naaah. I give it at least 36 hours.

    I’ll bet Fransisco really wishes now that he had taken his sister up on that babysitting gig (see the very first episode, “12/30/13 Sister’s Call” in the list to the left.)

  6. What if they passed through a dying star, were bombarded with gamma radiation and became superheroes? Francisco could have the power of beardkinesis. So. cool.

  7. I get the feeling he’s always been insufferable, and it was just harder to tell when he was hiding it behind a veneer of captainism.

    Also, someone should tell the poor guy about vibrators.

  8. That man needs another slap in the face. Maybe this time it will kickstart his brain.

  9. @BoldODonahue Cancer and radiation sickness aren’t superpowers.

  10. @Tim McCormack tom?to tom?to

  11. Apparently this blog hates special characters … supposed to be tomato tomato but with pronunciation characters over the “a.” Thanks blog for ruining it.

  12. Hahahahahaha! I love you guys. 🙂

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