I have this weird thing, where actions tend to have consequences in my stories. Cap’n Angie stepping in WAS the appropriate thing to happen.

Oh, and I keep meaning to mention the review of Spacetrawler over at Skjam. And thanks for the mention by Gini Koch (author of the funny Touched By An Alien series) regarding my being mentioned on io9. 🙂

Fortunately I only MOSTLY packed shorts for my trip since it was supposed to mainly be in the 80s. Looks like the weather decided to change, and now it’s the 60s. Wet and chilly! Of course, what better way to remind me of living in the PacNW. 🙂

09/26/14 Laying Down The Law

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  1. Was it the right thing to happen? They’re all about to die and everyone is running around boning but he can’t flirt? It’s not like he’s assaulted anybody. Locking him up during the last days of his life for expressing interest in someone would be cruel and reactionary. :p

  2. It’s not as much what He’s saying… it’s more about how He’s saying it.

  3. JSawyer, the difference is that Francisco isn’t backing off when people say no. Harassing makes it harassment.

    Francisco is expressing behavior often predicted with long-term space missions. He hasn’t quite gone off the deep end, apparently, but he’s on the diving board. Immanent death isn’t helping. If he’s psychotic, it could have been going on from the beginning, with Vagus’ murder and the sabotages.

  4. Yes mom. All my life I tried to be nice, tried to help, tried to be a good person…but i´ll be damned if I don´t manage to die as an asshole.

  5. I just read through all of Spacetrawler and OneWay… and im so sad to have caught up….
    goes STRAIGHT on my weekly update check though! Thanks for awesome Mr. Baldwin!

  6. Minando, he’s been nice all his life not because it was the right thing to do but because it would get him something. It would make people like him or it would somehow mean that the world owed him something in return. I wonder if this is a temporary breakdown brought on by stress or if it’s a sign of more serious problems.

  7. …or it´s just the synth-bourbon speaking…who knows ? Maybe he´s never been so drunk in his entire life.
    Whatever, he will have a terrible hungover very soon.
    Will he remember anything he´s said and done ?
    If the answer is “yes”, he will probably start the next drinking cycle out of shame.
    If it is “no”, I trust the other crewmembers will just rescind his alcohol drinking rights and leave it at that.

  8. You need to change the shadow shading. Bottom left panel for example it looks like Francisco’s beard goes to a V in his neck.

  9. @Douglas Smith it’s supposed to be his beard creeping down. Normal beardlines descend down the throat like that without maintenance. My beard just straightup connects to my chest hair minus a golfball sized bald spot over my adam’s apple haha.

    Methinks Angie should have junk-punched Francisco with a tire iron to snap him out of his funk.

  10. No tire irons on deep space missions, even one way ones. I think Francisco is lonely and worried and wants to pass the remaining time in an orgy non-stop till the end. No one else is ready or willing to do it. I recommend drugs, any that calms the mind and dampen anxiety should be prescribed.

  11. I love Angie’s “Are you kidding me” face!

  12. Seriously, is being locked up in one room really that much of a threat on a ship that’s only the size of a small bungalow? It’s not like he’s being kept away from the swimming pool, bowling alley, and holodeck. And people can come to talk to him any time they want. Not that they would, given his recent behavior, but that’s beside the point.

    Does he get crummy ship food instead of less-crummy ship food? Is there a really good video game on one of the engineering terminals that he wouldn’t be able to play?

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