Oh noes! I forgot I’m on the west coast, and so 9:00 is midnight. Posting the strip 38 minutes late. 🙂

I’m stuffed on vegan nachos and horchata. Good times. 🙂

10/01/14 Camping Out

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  1. Where’d you get vegan nachos and horchata? I’m jealous!

  2. Christopher Baldwin

    El Borracho in Seattle. Ballard, if I remember my neighborhoods correctly. 🙂

  3. It’s like a Chopped version of bucket lists. They only have what’s on the ship to use for whatever they want to get done before they die, and a limited time to do it.

  4. If I were on this ship, I’d try to spend every night camped out under that amazing dome, watching the universe. I’d bet a lot of people would. (Call it “Talby Syndrome”)

  5. Looks comfy!!!!

  6. Love that smile in the last panel.

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