I am nearing the end of my trip and I’m winding down. Feeling tired and brain-soggy and missing my routine diet, my routine exercise, my sweetie, my cats, and my bed.

Which leaves me with no idea what to blog about. 🙂

Today, in Olympia WA I stopped in ONE of the best comic stores I’ve ever been in, Danger Room Comics, where I got to have a lovely conversation with Frank who ranks me as one of his most difficult to please customers EVER. Man-o-man do I remember him always trying to find something both to my taste and that I’d never read. But “The Rabbi’s Cat” and “Isaac The Pirate” I have to credit him with. Rock on, Danger Room.

10/03/14 Late Comers

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  1. Francisco is not a happy camper.

  2. There is a feature length animation movie of “The Rabbi’s Cat”. It’s on Netflix. And yes, it’s quirky and awesome.

  3. Damn, Francisco.. this is what happens when you decide to be a drunken horse’s ass… everyone else on the ship bonding, with him being deliberately excluded.. so he has to be all alone in the cabin he wouldn’t give up to his replacement.

  4. This campout is a sign that they have all given up on surviving the mission. They know they’re doomed, so they’re enjoying the time left as best they can.

  5. Soooo, is it regulation that everyone’s bedding has to be color-coordinated with their uniform? Before now, I didn’t realize how many different colors their uniforms were. I think I better go back and see what Lamont’s is…orange, maybe, so they make a full spectrum together? hmmmm

  6. Dang. Francisco’s got orange. Jerk.

  7. I wonder if ol´Francisco will remember everything he did and said when he´s sober again.
    On the other hand, that will only happen if his source dries out.

  8. Anyone else start hearing “Old Susanna” in their head?

  9. Why does everyone in this comic always lay in bed like a corpse on a slab? Flat on back, face up, arms perfectly straight at their sides. It’s kind of weird.

  10. @ZB

    Maybe folded hands give Christopher trouble *duck*
    OK, that´s nonsense, of course.
    He´s just lazy 🙂

  11. I can think of a couple of reasons, for the campers its easier to look up and out at the world from that position. For the people in the racks the pillows look like they have wouldn’t keep the spine in line even rolled up. If you don’t have a good pillow, when sleeping on your side you wake up to a stiff neck.

  12. Probably they all went to a Catholic boarding school…
    I wonder why their hair never bends – do they use glue or only a lot of grease?

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