Writing this blog ahead of time. Unless my plane crashed, I’m home safe in Glens Falls! 🙂

10/08/14 Gordon’s Job

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  1. Christopher Baldwin

    Am home and safe and alive and all that. Friday will wrap up the camping episode, then plot motion on Monday! (Thought I’d mention, for those who’ve been clamoring for it)

  2. Wooo plot motion! …please don’t let it be Francisco stumbling upon their camping site 😛

  3. Hey, here’s one vote for Francisco to get some redemption somewhere down the line in this story.
    Off the start, I kind of identified with they guy. Seems like there just has to be a non-lecherous side of him that could actually assert itself and bring him back into being a useful member of the team, if it is developed.
    Any chance we’ll see some flashbacks from the characters – showing their lives before this and how they came to be on this doomed mission?

  4. I suppose plot motion was inevitable, this not being a slice-of-life strip.

    I’d also like to thank the community for giving my blog a real stats boost by looking at my review of “Spacetrawler.”

  5. Oh right, they are on their way to die

  6. @Nathanyel, Oh, Yes! PPPPLLLLEEEAAASE let Francisco stumble upon the camping site! Wearing a clown mask and carrying a bloody axe!

  7. @Dave, please talk respectfully in these comments. Flat-out calling someone’s idea dumb is not nice, even if it’s the most idiotic ridiculous moronic idea ever to grace the face of this earth.

  8. Fair enough. My apologies. Thanks for the kind and humorous rebuke. But I encourage you to keep to your story and not take any suggestions, mine or otherwise.

  9. I have the best commenters EVER.

    And I have the rest of the comic (loosely) written. No axe-weilding clowns. 😉

  10. Oh, I don’t hate Francisco, take away the seducing and I can identify with him a lot, indecisive guy in an unwanted position of responsibility. But in this situation, he would just bring the others down (literally, as in making them want to go back down into the ship)

  11. Nathanyel – I totally agree. And on a different note – LOVE your avatar – I really miss the ‘old cow’ over at LFG.

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