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10/13/14 Sleeptalking

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  1. Good cover – accidentally getting overheard while ‘asleep’ and pinning the blame on someone else…

  2. while also bragging about your sexual conquests

  3. WHY skip out on the camping? What was Gordon doing while almost everyone else was out of his way? And did Francisco see anything? Did Francisco do anything?

  4. I think you meant to say “Lamont”, Coyoty. Gordon was up on the bridge with most everyone else. Though he *was* checking out some sort of comm/computer/whahinkey device. IIRC.


  5. He was spying on Lamont, probably to make sure he didn’t sabotage anything else.

  6. @Prior, naaah. He was spying on Lamont to make sure he didn’t step out on him with Francisco.

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