Okay. ALMOST caught up after my short wander on the west coast.

For those who only visit the site on M-W-F, make sure to also come Tuesday and Thursday! I’m now posting “Yontengu” which was drawn by Don Ahé and written by myself.

Today I played racquetball for the first time in weeks. Amazing how some skills slip so quickly. Plus, when I last did it I was finishing up my novel, and now I need some new story problems to ponder as I hit.

10/15/14 Obvious Solutions

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  1. What happens to Vagus stays to Vagus.

  2. Technically, she hasn’t found out. Gordon was dreaming… it might only have been true in his dream.

  3. …but thanks for your input.

  4. Should be “an airlock”, not “a airlock”.

  5. I would feel the same an mean it.

  6. We’re assuming that Gordon really *was* dreaming, and not faking it…

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