I finished a new painting this weekend. I’m pretty proud of it. It’s titled “Teresa of

11/05/14 No More Killing

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  1. I remember learning about her in an art appreciation class in college – there’s a rather intense sculpture of her being pierced by divine light on her tomb, IIRC. And I often think that history would be much less interesting if nuero-leptics had been widely available back then.

  2. @Christopher, I’m normally a big fan of your artwork. In this case, I do have to point out some things:
    1) Angels are usually (not always) portrayed as masculine, but they are in fact without gender. That’s one reason they are portrayed wearing white robes — how do you portray gender in a being that in fact has no body?
    2) What you’ve painted is known as the Transverberation (piercing of the heart) of St. Teresa. St. Teresa is known as one of the Incorruptables, i.e., after all these centuries her body shows no sign of decay, and in fact the joints are still flexible and the skin pliable. You can view her body at the Convent of St. Teresa in Avila, Spain. Her HEART, on the other hand, was removed during one of the exhumations as part of the canonization process. It’s on display (also incorruptible) in the Carmelite Convent in Alba de Tormes, Spain, where you can clearly see 3 wounds from a spear or lance that were made pre-mortem.

  3. I do like seeing your paint. I also liked the background music. But way was the canvas painted black first? Does it somehow effect the way the paint looks as opposed to a white background?

    Nice to see an angel with more than two wings.

    Let us hope they stop killing each other.

  4. Never thought about fumes from oil paint being hazardous, but it makes sense. Is it common for artists to wear a mask?

  5. @Phecda, the most famous depiction is a lovely work by Bernini. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ecstasy_of_Saint_Teresa

    @Muzhik, well, it’s not exactly an angel. It’s a Seraph (which often are described as having six wings). And she describes it as a he. I just went with it.

    @Night_Gaunt, I’ve been enjoying starting with black these days. I think it’s whichever your brain seems to process better. Up until now I’ve painted on white, but the last few I’ve tried black and loved it. And it does create a slightly different feel. Not only in the small parts where you don’t lay down paint, but also oil paint usually has some translucency and so the under color reflects light through.

    @Clacke, I think it’s more common if you have either poor ventilation, or are working with solvents such as turpentine. I’m using water-soluble oils, so I don’t have to do turpentine, but my ventilation is nil. And I find I’m (sadly) a bit sensitive to just the paints and get a headache if I paint for more than a few hours straight (this was done in two 12 hour days).

  6. I laughed so hard when I got to panel three …

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