I had a lovely time at my friends’ Jenny and Ben’s Halloween party. And I like how my Cookie Monster costume came out. That, and a homemade batch of cookies, and I was ready to go.


11/03/14 Lamont's Wake

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  1. You appear to have cookie-breasts. We’d probably call them bikkie-boobs where I come from.

  2. It appears the cookie monster is fondling your cookies.

  3. Ha! Yeah, I noticed that. Unfortunate, but was a good conversation starter. 🙂

  4. Did you HAVE to do the duck-lips thing??

    I may have just lost all respect for you.

    No… no I haven’t. You still get naked women to let you paint them, so that saved you! It will go up several points if they let you paint ON them (and you capture that process).

    Do that – and you can post duck lips daily!!

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