Had a lovely weekend. The MET Museum was pure torture, because it made me SO want to paint, and I haven’t been able to schedule it into the week yet. but I saw good friends, and ate lovely food, and had a great time.

11/10/14 Gordon's Called

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  1. I’d have expected him to be more interested/concerned at being addressed by name rather than in English. The aliens have been studying Earth for quite some time and English is a fairly major language. Knowing that someone was at that station and knowing exactly who’s there is far more unsettling.

  2. I find Galichknar oddly reasonable. So they’re not going to kill the humans, or they’re going to kill them politely, or one of the other crew is pranking. Maybe the humans didn’t translate too well after all.

  3. How do they communicate in realtime?

  4. @ELIAS They’ve already arrived and have been sitting in orbit for months now. The didn’t even need to initiate a connection, just started talking

  5. @Elias, alien tech is better than ours. I’ll say as much in a few strips. 🙂

  6. They may have superior tech, but we have technology that is truly fear inspiring – they are correct to want to keep their distance 😉

  7. I’m surprised that he (she, it…) introduced himself as “alien”. He lives around here — actually the humans are alien in this case.

  8. @M.A., I think that’s a good theory, but I disagree here. Say it was a couple hundred years ago and you were on a trip to Asia, and an Asian suddenly boarded your ship, and they knew that your mission was to visit people foreign to you. They just might say “I’m one of the foreigners.”

    It’s a lot of ifs, but in this case, all those ifs are true.

  9. He might not be local to that star system. If you were just contacting a possibly homocial, or at least relatively unpredictable species, would you give them your home address, or tell to meet you at a relatively safe street corner?

  10. Well, Galichknar seems nice so far…

  11. Or they might just have a “Higgs-drive-don’t-blow-up” ray. Any sufficiently advanced technology, etc.

    (Anyway, since they likely have interstellar travel of their own, sending a kamikaze was really incredibly stupid: even if this is _one_ of their major worlds, they might have hundreds or thousands of others. If the attack had _worked_, it might have guaranteed human extinction.)

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