Yay! As you can see, the site overhaul is here upon us.

The basic idea is this. I hope to keep all my future strips running on this site, and so with the help of Stewart (and Corey!) we’ve built a multi-site site. Giving each comic its own directory.

One big advantage is that if you want to read one strip, but not the other (including via RSS feeds), you can do that in their individual directories. Or go to the main page and read both.

On the main page it will put up the most recent two posts along with blogs.

To comment, you need to go to the strip’s directory, one of these two places:
There are still bits to iron out, feel free to let me know what they might be either in the comments, or contact directly.

11/12/14 Galichknar’s Question

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  1. Well this will take some getting use to. And the comic is on the wrong day too. Still humans by-and-large can adjust. It is our strength. That and probably F___ing nearly anything that moves.

    So “What Gives?” the aliens ask. Indeed. Why are their going there? We know now, unfortunately they can’t turn around or avoid them.

  2. Looks good, am getting full screen mode on my mobile though

  3. @Night-Gaunt, yes, the time zone wasn’t set correctly, so the strip went up hours early (then I pulled it and re-set the time zone, and posted it at the correct time)

    @Don, I like full screen mobile. The key is that now you can actually zoom in. 🙂

  4. That’s not actually the alien, is it? That’s your dead lover’s trick-you-into-killing-aliens AI.

    Which of course, was designed by the aliens, since they know there is no one in that system, so it’s expendable, and a good test of human destructive tendencies…

    Of course JFK who secretely retired in that system will be angry. Muahaha!

  5. I am suspecting someone (human) pulling a prank, myself. 😀

  6. HAH! The advanced civilization uses “contact” as a verb!

  7. @TB, you deserve an award for that comment. Ha! 🙂

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