Had a funny little weekend. Most of the time was spent coloring comics, literally the last 5 days have been 13 to 14 hour long days of intense coloring.

But Saturday I had a lovely time with a friend, going out to a play, “American Madea” which was very enjoyable… as much as filicide can be. Very well performed. Then out to a late night diner for long sill conversations. Very good.

11/17/14 Gordon Confesses

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  1. So he’s not going to ask why they are going to kill anyone who comes? Is _everyone_ out there so nasty, or do we have an extra-bad reputation?

  2. So apparently someone in the aliens’ ancient history tried to kill them all before. Or they tried the same thing when they were at humanity’s level. Either way they knew what to expect from a juvenile race.

  3. How long can you talk about sills for anyway? I mean, sure they are there under the window, but that’s about it. 😉

  4. This is the most interesting episode yet.

  5. If so then they would have been ready for such a maneuver.Either produce a gravitational force, in one direction to repulse them from the system, or maybe a wormhole to hyper space where they can be lost forever.Depends on just how powerful they really are.

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