How is it Friday already?

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11/14/14 Bad Information

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  1. It may not be a good idea to go home. Home already tried to kill them. They didn’t finish the job of killing the aliens, so Home would finish the job of killing them.

  2. So that’s it, then.. they’re most assuredly fucked. If they’re lucky, the aliens MIGHT decide to lock them up and cut pieces out of them for the rest of their lives.. D:

  3. One way means one way it seems. So the aliens won’t be kind enough to send them back? Then what are they to do? HELP!

  4. Okay, it’s time to negotiate. The crew could build up accelleration until the ship is impossible for the aliens to intercept, then detonate it in the aliens system; everyone loses. Or, the aliens could allow them to visit, develop some mutual understanding, then refuel the ship and let the crew find another planet to inhabit; everyone wins. I’d keep one person on board the ship to detonate it just in case the aliens try double crossing them.

  5. I still think Dimitri could fix this.

  6. “What’s a Razelcruck? We might have one and just call it something different…”

  7. So far the aliens aren’t very reasonable. They say don’t come we come, when the crew says we didn’t know, can you help us? They so sorry, don’t come. Rock and hard place doesn’t seem dire enough here.

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