Here’s a painting i finished a month or two ago. It’s of my dear friends Jess and Philippe. I had refrained from posting it since it was a gift to them. (you’ll also see it on the oil painting page).


11/21/14 Negotiating Question

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  1. You seem to have a comment system to make comments but no one can read any. I’ve tried for ten minutes; can’t find any no where no how.

  2. I can read Jesse’s comment.

  3. Maybe in Gordon’s situation it would be better to do away with the illusion that he’s “negotiating” at all, as well as the fantasy that his partners don’t already know his hand… But that just might be too depressing πŸ™‚

  4. Love the painting! I feeling like I’m meeting them face to face and seeing their personalities!

  5. I’d complain about the lack of an ‘a’ between ‘is’ and ‘theoretical’, but Olivia looks drunk enough to miss it out in that panel.

  6. Sometimes knowing can be comforting even if it is about a bad early end.

  7. Looking at her face in the last panel, is he silencing her with a Vulcan grip?

  8. To be considered here is that they probably don’t have an ace in the hole. Our aliens know a whole lot more and thus are very likely to know the ship can go boomy. Indeed, our alien doesn’t seem very concerned that a huge bomb is coming his way.
    Possibilities: The aliens already know how to prevent the explosion. Possibly they are just doing their personal amusement, betting on whether the humans will try to pull the trigger or not. Or this may be a test, allowing them to decide if humans are going to be a serious pest. Or the humans are being sent to the wrong world, which they want disposed of, without having to take the blame. Or…

  9. Beings as advanced as we think they are would have means of negated the obvious suicidal genocidal gambit.

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