Bought more frames this weekend. I am a painting addict. Went to a local concert band with a friend and then warmed a booth at Denny’s until midnight. How can a weekend be better than that?

Oh, and on Saturday I walked the the YMCA, wrote some script stuff, then played racquetball, wrote more, and then walked home. How nice! 🙂

11/24/14 Tunnel Vision

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  1. Maybe he saw a light at the end of the tunnel vision.

  2. Orion changes shirts with Angie in panel 4.

  3. Panel 4: “the Lamont” was probably supposed to be “that Lamont”.
    Not meaning to pick nits, just saying….. leaving it out there…..

  4. No further puns or corrections

  5. Both errors fixed! Thank you all. 🙂

  6. Also in panel 4 “That he wanted to the stopped.” Perhaps “be stopped” instead?

  7. In Fate Additional , the embodiment of nursery rhyme, mainly from Alice in Wonderland , is a Caster-class Servant.

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