Sometimes I think one needs consent to ask consent. 🙂

I had a great holiday long weekend with family. Thank goodness I ate too much pie.

12/01/14 Francisco’s Limits

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  1. I thought there was only one “solar system”, the system orbiting Sol. Am I wrong in these here modern times?

    • Any star that has planets has a “solar system”. It just that that “sol” or “sun” happens to have another name than ours.

      Yes, another quick uniform change again.

    • In my vocabulary, only we have a solar system, everyone else have star systems.

  2. Say, there’s a minor inconsistency in the uniform colors, there.

  3. Francisco’s birthday must be more impending than doom.

  4. Thanks for the edits! I changed “solar system” to “star system” and corrected the colors in Angie’s uniform. 🙂

  5. The Amazing Science-Man

    Astronomers tend to use “star system” or “solar system” interchangeably though “star system” is technically correct (the best kind of correct). Technically there is only one moon (Moon), and those objects that go around other planets are “natural satellites” but we don’t bat eyes when someone calls them moons.

  6. ” Aliens’ ” in first frame.

    • Clacke is right: it belongs to all the aliens, not just one of them.

      Actually, I think that sun (of which the adjective is ‘solar’) can validly be used for any star around which there’s a planet with (intelligent) lifeforms on it. There is a good argument against the phrase “solar system”, however: it’s not a system of suns. It isn’t a system of stars either, so if we want to be pedantic then we should be talking about the aliens’ planetary system.

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