Ooh. I had a lovely Thanksgiving with family. And I made two apple pies, for which I still have a long row to hoe to go in eating them both (others have helped, but they are amateur pastry eaters).

Think I’m going to take the day, Friday, to go to the museum and sit in a cafe getting some writing done.

11/28/14 Orion’s Lull

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  1. Orion’s no fun with impending doom.

    The brooders are probably annoyed that doom has been impending for awhile. Death is taking its time. Only Gordon has any idea of their fate, assuming the alien isn’t really Vagus hiding in a closet with a radio. Maybe the true horror is the aliens won’t do anything, and let the ship keep going and waiting indefinitely with growing dread for death to come at any moment.

  2. Slowly but surely, the rest of the crew is starting to reach the point that the captain reached quite a while ago.

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