Friday already? but I have so much left to do. Thank goodness for the weekend.

Went to model painting on Monday. Below is the painting plus a link to the process pics (it’s also posted on my “paintings page“). A small painting, only 8″x10”

“Albert” 12/1/2014 (link to process images)


12/05/14 Tumbling

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  1. Love the new painting! It’s my favorite (of what I’ve seen) so far!
    (also thanks for One Way – enjoying it immensely!)

  2. “Hi, we’re the aliens! We’re here to kill you now!”
    “Thank you! I can’t take any more of these jokes!”

  3. Baldwinpage.com does something when it loads that crashes my IE 11 window every time (not seriously). What could it be?

  4. I’d love to know more about the fictional physics of the tumble. It looks like a simple rotation through space after exiting the Higgs bubble, which should take no energy to keep going & little fuel to stop, but here, when describing option A, Angie says that “the tumble would cut down fuel left for the Higgs.” What gives?

    Yes, I know, it’s just a comic & I have attention surplus disorder. But SF readers typically do, and it’s these silly details that add so much fun 😀

    • Perhaps it’s the minuscule amount of fuel required to start and stop the tumble, plus whatever else is required to restart the bubble?

  5. Should be simple attitude jets going back to the first satellites. Nothing special.

    And so it is in comic form—so what? Why do some downgrade some art because it is in one form?

  6. Gyro wheels. No fuel required for an attitude change, just power, and I get the idea this spaceship (which can apparently destroy a solar system if it goes funky) has a lot of power to spare.

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