Don’t worry, there’s more strips. It’s not over yet (the last strip will theoretically run De 31).

I had a lovely weekend. Had some really good times talking over yummy food and root beer with a dear friend of mine. Wrote some good things, drew some good things. Even played racquetball.

I am ready to tackle the week.

12/08/14 In Their Star System

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  1. You totally should have written “The End” on the last panel just to mess with us.

  2. “Wow, this place is great! Where are we? I thought you said you were going to kill us.”
    “We did. We didn’t say anything about not bringing you back to life inside a computer so we can experiment on you and keep killing you virtually.”
    “Oh. Um. Thank you, I think. May I say something?”

  3. “Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” Then “Pliff” in the dark.

  4. The aliens are actually dark matter! You know, the stuff that makes up some ridiculous percentage of the mass in the universe. So their planet is actually a dark-matter generating system, which is why they don’t want us going there, because then we will figure out why all our calculations are so hard, because actually the amount of dark matter in the universe is changing.

    ….look, _someone_ needs to speculate wildly….

  5. They were a part of a simulation; the sim being run to see what exactly humans would do in that situation.

    These are the (sentient?) entities’ view of that simulation ending.

  6. Either the aliens have them contained or they are all caught in a long term simulation and there has been an outside power failure.

  7. Can you say the word ‘Anticlimax’, boys and girls?

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