I’ve had very little to blog about lately. I feel i need to interact with the world more.

Maybe next week. When the snow/slush stops dropping like mad from the sky.

12/10/14 Alien Welcome

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  1. “To be honest, we were expecting humans to look more like Captain Scarlet than the Muppets.”

  2. After the Muppet rebellion, all information on puppet technology was suppressed.

  3. Is “race” a plural noun in English?

  4. There is only one human race. We took out or assimilated the Neanderthals and the others.

  5. Isn’t that–treating a collective noun as plural if you’re dealing with the individual components–a British English verb choice? “The crowd are loving it.”

    Close enough if someone has a lampshade labeled Translation Error. 🙂

  6. So, one clue that they’re to be zapped, two clues that they won’t, and one clue that they’re in a Soc-201 experiment. Is Ga-loc-nar really the emotional poetry guy?

    And yes, the Brits still stubbornly think they speak proper English, poor blighters.

    • I figure that one clue in favor of survival is that they aren’t already dead. What would you say is the other?

      To me things look grim at best. The crew don’t seem to have a ship anymore, half are unconscious at best, G-nar’s tentacles are tied, and the comic runs out in three weeks. If someone has a wild card up her sleeve, it’s time to play it.

      Btw I was totally ok with “haven’t”.

  7. Thank you all, and yes, @Norm, exactly. “Hasn’t” rather than “haven’t.” Fixed.

  8. And then Galichknar turns out to have been Dmitri all along, trying to prevent humanity from taking a seat at the GOB while it still has such inferior technology.

  9. I want to know how Olivia is when her meds run out — especially if they were switched with star’s

  10. “Well really, when we first saw the video, we had no reason to suspect that you were hiding stuff from us; we thought that you wanted us to visit, after all. Afterwards, we were mostly thinking about the innumerable ways we could end up dying.”

  11. “This is Balok of the flagship Phesareus of the First Federation. At the slightest hostile move you will be destroyed immediately?” From “The Corbomite Maneuver” of Star Trek (original where a puppet was used by the alien).

    Being cagey like the creators of the Monoliths in “2001 A Space Odyssey.”

  12. “But how do you use puppets without hands?”

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