I went to the Hyde Museum here in Glens Falls, which has a small collection, but it’s truly lovely. I took reference photos of the inside of the building (which is also very lovely) and wrote down notes about the techniques I saw. Then i got a veggie burger, because — hunger.

I so want to paint. I’ll be able to get down to Saratoga (probably) next Monday night, for a model in costume (yay!), so cross your fingers.

12/15/14 Decision Maker

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  1. The Hyde Museum is hard to find. And it changes a lot.

    Francisco may be risking that by offering to sacrifice himself, he’ll be chosen to live despite it.

  2. Hyde museum wow.

    Whoa. Didn’t think Francisco was a real captain.

  3. Nicely done. Very good move on Francisco’s part, and something I had expected from him (despite his quitting and selfish bender, caring for others is too deeply imprinted into his psyche). And the shocked silence afterwards is also a very human reaction.

    But there is one niggling question.

    Where are they going to get something to write on, and write with? I don’t see pockets or pens or paper or similar.

  4. What a great reference to Xi Tauri! I had to look it up and the name fits perfectly (if I’m to believe wikipedia)! What an odd star system…

  5. Don’t take the choice too seriously The aliens are known to lie, and have unknown motivations. Whether they spare all or none is their whim. The crew are essentially mice in a maze and whether they will be thrown back in cages or sliced & diced for a study is unknowable until too late. [The aliens might not exist at all, and this is all a con by the CIA or something.]
    Now they might as well deem it a serious threat for now, so they should consider the practical points. Who can run the ship alone? and survive a year of isolation?

  6. Say, here’s an idea! Since I don’t recall them throwing the corpse of thier dead colleague out the space lock, why not send the corpse back with the ship and everybody stays alive as the aliens’ guests? At least that would send the message back, corpse piloting ghost ship back-say I guess we don’t want to go there again!

  7. Interesting that you live in Glens Falls, since I live in Ballston Spa.

  8. I live in Houston, Texas. Too hot most of the time.

    This feels like the Outer Limits episode “Nightmare” in some ways. It is very easy to be manipulated by beings of greater technology than them.

    If it isn’t some kind of psychological test to begin with.

  9. I can’t help but feel like their alien friend isn’t trying to use this to try to demonstrate to the alien authorities that humans are capable of selflessness and nonviolent resolutions to problems.

    Or yes, in other words, a psychological test. If humans are as violent as they say, then this sort of situation should logically have already devolved into a fight to the death. Since that is literally the stakes.

    I’m sure this has all occurred to Gordon by now.

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