Phew! I think I may have found a car! Fingers crossed it’s not a lemon!

And I am going to put this out there again. We have found a wonderful loving home for Lucy, but Babette is still needing one. She is a year-and-a-half old, we found her abandoned under a porch with crusty-shut eyes and big paws. She’s healthy now, with all her shots and spayed and everything. She is very playful, so if you ALREADY HAVE kitties who really like to play she could make a perfect companion. We have a cat, Mimi, who is terrified of playing and runs, and Babette thinks it is a fun game, and so it turned into a very unhealthy and miserable relationship and we’ve had to split our apartment in two.

My impression is that she would NOT love being a single kitty, as she is SO social and interactive. She LOVES petting, especially in the morning, although she does NOTseem to be a lap kitty. Would rather lay right next to you for hours (I work from home, and she spends most of the day laying near to me).

If you live anywhere within a few hours of Glens Falls/Albany, I’m willing to drive her. I just want her to have a happy and loving home.

Just drop me a line.


12/17/14 Difficult Decisions

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  1. I wonder what would happen if someone peed on one of those panels.

  2. so what car did you get? details man, details.

    cute kitty, but ours is a bit of a loner, she’s going to be real surprised in spring when we get a puppy.

    • @HoffmanBike

      Make sure to spread the cat’s scent over anything you buy for the puppy to use. Too much change can really stress a cat out, and cats have been known to try find new owners when their home environment changes too much.

      Use a piece of kitchen roll, rubb it over the cat’s cheeks (where the scent glands are.) Then rubb it over the new stuff. That way, the cat doesn’t feel like its in strange surroundings. This trick has worked when couples with a cat had a baby, so it should help with getting a puppy.

      • Also, make some comfortable perches in high places for the cat to sit on when they don’t want to be on the floor with the puppy.

        Good luck.

  3. Know what, Chris? I don’t know whether it’s been used before, but if it hasn’t, I think you just invented a really interesting metagaming problem:

    “I want to live, so I need the most votes. SO I need to vote for someone who’s going to get as few votes as possible. That’s obviously (X). But – if (Y) and (Z) reason the same, (X) will get THEIR votes as well, and win… so I want to vote for (Y), who’s obviously a shoe-in to get lots of votes. But (X) may be a pain, but they’re an ethical pain, so they’ll vote for (Y) as well, so…”

    (And round, and round. At school I once missed out on being elected class president, by one vote. Mine. True story.)

  4. Hmm, if aliens can verify that you haven’t voted for yourself that makes it fair, that’s nice if they are sincere, but could fail the psych test if not (requires outside help to find nonviolent solution).

    Tbh, a random number generator works best here. One die roll, or maybe a single elimination ‘tournament’. Hmmm.

  5. I completely agree with the ex-cap’n.

    Except I’d probably be even more smug about it XD

  6. I still suspect the “aliens” to be less than really “alien”. And probably for them to be so humane as to let them all live, but sending one back thinking they were all killed.

  7. I would love Lucy but am well over a thousand miles away…

  8. I’m starting to think it’s all a simulation anyway, and none of this is real. 😉

    Cute cat! Looks like one of ours. (Alas, Oregon is a little more than a few hours from where you are, and two cats is already enough to handle.)

  9. Well, if Gordon wins, he may choose to turn it down.
    He may not want to live knowing there’s about a 50% chance that he’ll be in debt for the rest of his life, paying off his wager.

    • You forget the patent on the wild-particles-whatever-fix Gordon filed for after that gravity incident. He’ll be all set.

  10. This still could be a mind manipulation on them. A Philip K. Dick kind of mind warping to test their reactions in preparation for a real mission and aliens.

    However I will set that aside and take it on face value. Why would they do this? Are they just SOB’s who like to play with their lessers? Or maybe a test to see more into the psychology of such a weak yet bold race? Can’t wait to see more.

  11. Reminiscent of [The Prisoner’s Dilemma] (Google it).
    By cooperating, they can all win, but is it more effective for ME to cooperate or betray the other captive? And how does that work for six of them? We tend to cooperate more than expected.
    So, will this bunch vote to ‘all go together’, and will that result in their all being freed?
    Only Chris knows…

  12. This is why I love you Christopher Baldwin.

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