01/27/10 Yuri


I first started collaborating with Mike Peterson in 2001 with “The Legend of Perseus” where I made the Greeks look like Greeks, a pleasant surprise for Mike.

He writes newspaper serial stories of which I (as well as others) sometimes illustrate. You can see them here atweeklystorybook.com. Currently he’s running one I illustrated several years back called “Old Man Stories” (which is actually more a collection of short stories around one character), and if you look back in the archives on that site, you can also see “Tommy and the Guttersnipe” as well as the illustrations by Dylan Meconis for “Tales of the Ancient World.”

As well as a writer, he’s an editor, dog lover, and a hell of a nice guy. He Blogs here.

Mike was also in the last phase of editors for the first batch of Spacetrawler strips. He edited the scripts with a range of focus, from character, to plot, to theme, to commentary on some of the individual strips. All which gave me pause for thought and consideration. Very helpful. Thanks, Mike!


  1. Frank

    Will you look at all those posters! The Sound of Music, Inuyasha, Sailor moon… There are even Doraemon and Hello Kitty figurines! Is there anything you don’t know?

    Also, I love how everything lights-up with the zap

    @Cornbread: That’s funny; when I was young(er), it was “only in America”

    PS: anyone know what the white poster is of?

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