012510 Dimitri


I’ve known Peter Zale since about 1998 I believe, we met online because we both were creating and posting daily comics: him “Helen, Sweetheart of the Intertnet” and myself “Bruno,” two of the first webcomics out there. Our comics as well had the similarity that they featured strong female protagonists (self-defeating perhaps, but strong nonetheless).

He eventually got syndicated and book-published, although that was years ago. He currently is a Marketing Project Manager. Here’s his sharply designed website.

He was in the last wave of editors for Spacetrawler, when the scripts were pretty tight and I was seeking final impressions, which he gave, about character, art style, and general storyline. It was helpful insight, thanks Peter!


  1. Night-Gaunt

    New here and loving it. I like the idea of an eclectic group getting together. We can speculate how each will fit in to what the aliens need for their operation. Nice art work. Easy to read and just pause and drink in the art.

    You can bet that some aliens have been there. At some time or another. We are in the boondocks of the galaxy.

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