02/01/10 Dustin


Next on the editorial trail were Cedra Wood, a painter, and Fred, a science teacher. I originally met Cedra online when I was casting about for ideas for my experimental comic project Water Street, and Cedra tossed me over a half dozen ones which were spot on. As good a basis of friendship of any I know.

Cedra and Fred were, as well, in the last phase of editing. I really enjoyed their remarks, both from the critical to the enthusiastically amused. Thanks you two!


  1. frank

    I had been wondering how they knew each person was the one they were looking for (’cause if they hadn’t been looking for someone specific, why go to so many specific countries?)

    Nogg is looking like a “shoot first, ask questions later” person (wait… person?)

    And so it came to pass that the only person who actually wanted to go was left behind, and they grabbed another violently unstable person.
    Wonder what happens when they all wake up 😉

  2. Night-Gaunt

    And you know what that means. This will change their carefully figured equation and cause all kinds of mishaps and missteps in the operation. Hilarity and fear ensues.

  3. heng

    i said it once, i’ll say it again: this bill has the saddest story of all characters portrayed, ever.
    🙁 and one of the shortest…
    and that is counting in the second bunch of humans shanghaied off planet…

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