02/10/10 Why Kidnapped



An earlier version, with coloring assistance by Miles, Age 4 (not my nephew). Despite the Pollockian flair, editorial sent it back for revision.


  1. JKCarroll

    “….editorial sent it back for revision.”

    Ach! Editors! What soulless cogs in the corporate machine! Unable to discern the subtleties of the clash of colors as a metaphor for the clash of desires in our own lives, superimposed upon the upcoming clash of right vs. wrong, good vs. evil, freedom vs —

    Wait. He’s 4?

    Oh. Well. Hmmrph… carry on.

  2. Nick

    What kind of pens was he using? I like the colors.

    And, yes, Martina definitely has wit! Other nice ones in this strip: The gleeful, orange slave master tossing coins in the air; the fish alien’s dramatic gesture to the lofty heights of nobility; and the Dee-creature thinking that Emily is Ted.

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