02/17/10 Bounty Hunter


Bounty hunters. From Boba Fett to Rick Deckard. What motivates them? Who are they? Was it something they always wanted to be, or something they fell into. Quick cash, and letting the powers that be/pay make all the moral choices. Like watching a shoot-em-up film, you just say “the evil overlord told me to do it” or “the government paid me to do it.”

In that light, it certainly beats cartooning as a profession.

I need sleep. I am off to Houston for a week to recharge my batteries. Comics will continue to run. Life will continue to amaze you. You will find Nirvana and inner peace. This will encourage you to link to my webcomic from your various blog/networking/twitting/webcomicking sites. Now, you will count from ten, and wake up refreshed, having no recollection of this conversation.


  1. tudza

    I believe Deckard was actually part of the police force. In the book his motivation seemed to be getting enough money to replace his fake sheep, that and keeping his life on a mucked up Earth from totally sucking.

  2. Christopher

    Thanks thank thank thanks! 🙂

    I think in the book, if I recall correctly, Deckard was a police bounty hunter, although I may be mistaken. All “bounty hunter” means really is you get rewarded for seeking someone/thing out.

  3. Night-Gaunt

    Bounty hunter’s motivation is to get paid for using their hard earned skills. No loyalties and probably no scruples just a healthy need to stay alive and stay in the black.

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