03/10/10 Spacetrawler



  1. JKCarroll

    Laserblade …. Hmmm …. Is that kinda like a rollerblade with light? It would lend a whole new meaning to “tripping the light fantastic”. You usually don’t lose arms or other limbs when doing that.

  2. Bit confused here. In the beginning I thought the Spacetrawler was the ship. Now it sounds like they are taking about the machine in that room, which is kind of a matter converter, then they seem to be discussing the ship as a matter converter. And it seems to be “a spacetrawler” rather than “the TLA Spacetrawler”.
    So what’s the ship called then?

    And it’s kind of hard to imagine the bounty hunter making a bigger mess than he has already. Didn’t he get smeared all across the floor? I thought they would need a mop to pick him up.

  3. JKCarroll

    Well, Rags, if the bounty hunter’s structure resembles a human’s, you can think of him as a leathery bag filled with no-longer-potable water — a leathery bag of gelatinous goo, if you will. The smear campaign squished most (but not all) of the gelatinous goo out of him like a toothpaste tube and converted a lot of the “boney” equivalents to more goo.

    Now, imagine taking a reciprocating saw to a toothpaste tube that still has a lot of “gelatinous goo” inside it. Imagine the resulting spray pattern, spewing “gelatinous goo” over floors, walls, ceilings, arms, eyes, open mouths shrieking in disgust … you get the idea.

    What’s more, imagine the “laserblade” uses an actual laser, which causes near-instantaneous conversion of the “gelatinous goo” to “steamed gelatinous goo”. Steam packs an AWFUL lot of power, causing even more amazing spew patterns over floors, walls, open mouths, etc. (Not to mention that “steamed gelatinous goo” is very, very hot, so you’re not only shrieking with disgust you’re shrieking in pain. And not in a good way, either.)

    So I’m with Emily on this one. I TOTALLY want to see a laserblade!

  4. Christopher

    The bounty hunter DID get smeared across the floor, but for the most part, JKC is right (aside from the massive “spew patterns” perhaps), but that alien simply has a very resilient skin, so for the most part the remains are a skin sack of crushed innards with minor leakage.

    Not very appetizing I’m afraid.

    And as soon as i find good opportunity I will show the laserblade. 🙂

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