04/28/10 Diary: Post Pirate


Nope. No Stumptown Con report yet. Still catching up from the weekend.

Of note, in the 6th (8th?) panel, Nogg is using a laserblade. Retractable and portable. Nothing fancy. But those who were curious from its mention here, now you know.

And I love Stephen Hawking’s recent take on Alien visitors. That they’ll probably be searching to colonize new planets since they’ve likely used up all their resources back home. Kinda like Columbus, Hawking said, “which didn’t turn out very well for the Native Americans.”

I agree, in ways, with his sentiment. And sure, there’s a possibility of that. But one only has to read a few dozen sci-fi books to see that there are SO MANY possible scenarios to contact with aliens. If it happens, I wonder what it will be? Good guys or bad guys or really really desperate guys.

If they offer candy, and ask me to get in their spaceship, though, I’m totally in.


  1. Lazerblade = neat and useful!

    Speaking of alien contact, have you read Learning the World by Ken MacLeod? It’s a pretty neat take on the idea. Some of it from the perspective of the non-humans, which is the part of the book I liked best (from what I remember, it’s been a few years since I read it). If you are still looking for good sci-fi to read, I recommend it!

  2. Frank

    147 star sectors?! But the 49th nearest star is 15 light years away! That means 147 star sectors is… is… “a really long way” *facepalm*. Oh well. Good to see they’re more than halfway there (I guess they are travelling faster-than-light then, since nobody looks 15+ years older)

    Today’s comic is so simple, yet so funny at so many levels. Good work, Chris! Say, is “Draak-sim” a reference to Irregular Webcomic!?

    Also, if a Draak-sim rotation is about twice as long as an Earthen day, when do people from planet Draak sleep? (not that such a thing hasn’t been addressed before by others)

    @Spency: Maybe that’s a regular thing for a Paik to say. Not that I’d know, I’ve never been to Planet Nike 😉

    @Michael: I guess either he’s run out of things to complain about, or Chris realized he didn’t have enough characters to choose from for those scenes

  3. JKCarroll

    @Michael, Krep may have been vocally civil, but note that he didn’t hand (tentacle?) the can to Dustin, he tossed it at his head. Hey, if humans are so slow they can’t react in time to save their own heads, that’s not HIS problem!

  4. Christopher

    @Joyce: I have worked in color, book covers and I’ve done a bunch of strips for MAD Magazine and other freelance work. But this is the first regular strip for me, yes. 🙂

    @Spancey: Frank is right, Paiks are pretty nasty.

    @Christine: I haven’t read that. Sadly it’s not on audiobook, so I can put it on my list, but it might take a few years to get to. 🙁

    @Frank: No relation, I hadn’t read that in Irregular Webcomic. And I’m not sure what the Draak-Sim is yet… a star system, planet orbit, some simply huge uninhabitable thing in space that spins….

    @JKCarroll: I’m glad you noticed! but yes, it was to subtle (as well stated by @Michael). But, last night while in bed I suddenly had the idea that i should have the can spewing foam to bring attention to it, and so i just added that. Hopefully it will clear up any doubt about Krep’s character. 🙂

  5. Frank

    Wow! The foam does make it look better!

    and wait, you don’t know what the Draak-Sim is yet? That makes it a Schrodinger’s Gun! (Hey, don’t look at me like that. I learned it from the Freefall forums)

  6. Christopher

    Thanks, Tony. 🙂

    Frank and Rags. Well, I am indeed thinking along the lines of something large which rotates. I think I know which I’ve chosen, but am waiting until i decide exactly how I plan to use the Draak-Sim in the story before committing. I find it best not to get too attached to ideas until the final product. As an editor of my own work I have to be ready to “Murder my darlings,” as Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch put it.

    Wow. Shrodinger’s gun is an AWESOME term for it. Or even a Shrodinger-Chekov gun, showing up in the first act. 🙂

    Fantastic link, Rags. Yes, I’m glad I kinda avoided that trap of an alien speaking in human terms of measurement totally off the cuff, but I think it works much better as a after-the-story narrator familiar now with humans adding an “aside” to the current story.

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