04/12/10 Attack on the Bar



If you missed it, I contributed to Unshelved‘s Book Club with a comic of the Spacetrawler cast discussing Alastair Raynold’s “Chasm City.” Check it out!

Also, for your notice: you can now be notified by email when the strip updates. Info in the upper right there.


  1. Deth Invictus

    @_JM_ You must be familiar with this one? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wy_TB6onHVE

    The only problem with all the versions of the song I have found is that nobody actually puts a shot of the cone shell in for the “and the poison thing that lives in a shell that spikes you when you pick it up” part.

    Did you know we also have a very common ancient species of ant we colloquially call the inch ant? Want to guess how it gets its name? Also extremely aggressively defensive of its mound – stir these guys up and they will attack everything in the vicinity (and I mean anything in meters of their nest if you are stupid enough to try it out). Quite an impressive sting, too! http://home.iprimus.com.au/foo7/jumperant.html#8

  2. Christopher

    Deth, Dustin is definitely one of my faves. What he lacks in brains, he has in heart.

    And if you have any suggestions for improving his character or making him “more Australian” I would love to hear them. I may not incorporate them, but new ideas always make me ponder the new perspective at least. 🙂

  3. Jo

    I think you’re doing a great job of making Dustin a good Aussie character without being a complete stereotype (he doesn’t drink enough beer for that). The only comment I’d make is that some of his vocab is very American (eg ‘a bunch of’, ‘retard’ etc). Does the translator helmet pick American English as the default, like Microsoft? At least he hasn’t started saying “crap” like a lot of the others do; you can’t read that without it having an American accent in your head!

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