04/14/10 Bollyck Brawl



I will be at the Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland the weekend after this, April 24th & 25th. I will have free Spacetrawler “bookmarks” and for sale I’ll have a Spacetrawler full-color promo zine (strips up through the Bollyck attack) (if there are zines left over, I’ll put them up for sale here). I will also have Little Dee stuff, although not book #4 because it is still at the printer.

I’m still transitioning from purely the comic world to a mix of comics and science fiction. So, once I have more Sci-Fi to actually exhibit, I’ll begin hitting science fiction conventions. Norwescon (which just passed) I hear is lots of fun.

In the news: Schlock Mercenary and Girl Genius have both been nominated for a Hugo. Congrats! (hoping someday I’ll be on that list… once I someday have a book).


  1. Deth Invictus

    Woo hoo! New strip! 🙂

    On a side note – it’s always fun to see the old low tech beats high tech scenario…..don’t grin too hard though, we don’t use bullets in space for a very good reason – hull breaches suck (heh, bad pun)! 😉

  2. JKCarroll

    Unless you’re in a submarine. Then hull breaches blow.

    Reminds me of a recent genealogy show, where the genealogist told the famous actress her long-lost uncle may be in this town. She started stuttering, asking if there was a database they could search, some online service that would find his phone number?

    The genealogist paused, reached into his desk, and pulled out a phone book.

  3. Christopher

    “Who knew bullets could kill? This isn’t just a comic – it’s a life lesson! :D”

    Next on Spacetrawler: Smoking and playing near electrical wires.

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