04/19/10 Bollyck Bridge Battle


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We moved the office into the bedroom, and the bedroom into the office this past week. Which made a lot of sense for several reasons, the best of which is: the office is now in a more open, warm, and light feeling room; and equally as good, the bedroom is now in the cozier, cooler, more snug-like room. My workstation, of course, looks pretty much exactly the same.

I’ve been very behind on thank-yous. Jon Kilgannon and Mark Sachs who do a comic “Afterlife Blues” gave me an awesome link. I am unfamiliar with their comic, but it is bookmarked and I look forward to when I have free time to read it. And thanks to Orcovado who linked to me on Reddit. Also, thank you for links from evan Dahm of “Rice Boy,” Paul Gadzikowski of “Arthur, King of Time and Space,” and Spencer of “Girls in Space.” Oh, and of course Jon Rosenberg’s “Goats“. If you are not reading Goats… then there’s a problem, people.

I’m looking forward to Stumptown (info below). I love this festival because 1. Portland is awesome, 2. I have lots of friends down there who I’m looking forward to seeing, & 3. it’s just a casual laid-back fest and I have always enjoyed the chats I’ve had with people who’ve come by my table.


I will be at the Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland this weekend, April 24th & 25th. I will have free Spacetrawler “bookmarks” and for sale I’ll have a Spacetrawler full-color promo zine (strips up through the Bollyck attack) (if there are zines left over, I’ll put them up for sale here). I will also have Little Dee stuff, although not book #4 because it is still at the printer.


  1. JKCarroll

    1. GOOD Gurf! No, you can’t. They leave messes everywhere and always get up on the table during dinner.

    2. I gather Nogg would never learn to appreciate beat poets. My favorite is from Charles Bukowski:

    “Some people never go insane.
    What truly horrible lives
    they must lead.”

  2. _JM_

    Rather impressed by Nogg. Emily disappointed her Coyote Bretheren but Nogg killed two…got the pirates in both Bollycks. Nice spiky spear harpoon thing as well. Looks stabby.

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