05/26/10 Martina Tags Along


That’s a Bollyck she’s hugging, in case any of you forgot.

Not much news today (and so you should rush to your facebook/twitter/website/etc and link to Spacetrawler, just say, “aliens, Aliens, ALIENS!”), and for me, I’ll share two links myself.

First, Alan Ryan’s “Faraday the Blob” totally cracks me up. Start by checking out his most recent strip, “Printer of Darkness.” it is definitely worth a gander.

And thanks to Michael Sexton of Everblue for the link! I haven’t had time to read his comic thoroughly, but what I’ve seen is lovely.


  1. You know how Ted always had to disguise himself with a coat and hat? He could probably go through this crowd completely unnoticed 😀

    It would’ve been interesting if Martina had gotten killed there and then. Nogg returns to the ship to tell Dustin,
    “Hey, we got to go back to Earth because I made a promise.”
    “Bo yeah! Wait, what?”
    Good to see more character development on Martina, though.

    Lastly, heh, aliens also use cell phones. And I’ve always wondered why every animal has its mouth under its eyes. Wouldn’t the opposite be equally as valid? Now I know!

  2. JKCarroll

    Well, here’s a question worth exploring: do shoes count as “clothes”?

    I’m thinking that logically, yes; but that’s using guy logic. According to my 17-yo daughter (the logic student), shoes count as a subset of the class “clothes”; however, in female logic they are a “necessary accessory” in that you need to wear shoes but the shoes can make or break the outfit (ergo the need to find the “right” or “proper” shoes, otherwise she really has “nothing to wear.”)

    So is Martina shopping for “clothes” as in the entire set of clothing including shoes, or is she planning on shopping for clothes THEN finding the right pair of shoes to go with what she just bought?

    And now, I’ve been informed that I need to accompany my 17-yo daughter on an expedition to demonstrate the proper relationship between clothing and shoes, and to bring my credit card. Thank you very much.

  3. merb

    Jo – it’s not about the object, it’s about the act of shopping. Comparison, exploration, discovery, public consumption.
    (believe me – I’ve written papers about shopping as social theatre and interaction. Admittedly in 18th century Britain, but hey, people are people, right?)

  4. JKCarroll

    @merb, do you think that paper would help us DODOs (Dad Of Daughters Only) understand the psyche of teenaged shopping (or at least reduce the times I get THAT look when I say, “Gee, that looks nice”)? Or is it always going to be a case where, if Dad likes it, it goes into the reject pile?

  5. Christopher

    I downloaded the clip you linked to and listened. I would have to guess that the Douglas Adams reference/influence wasn’t there even on a subconscious level, but who knows, maybe. And it’s always fun to listen.

  6. grimjack

    dude I love what you’re doing. Thank you for the great story. Martina’s my favorite for some reason, so I hope she doesn’t exactly “die” a literal death. Love the art, love the colouring, love the pace, nice slip in gags, not overdoing it. I’ll stick around. PS, make coyote queen less annoying.

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  8. Night-Gaunt

    So far your planet nomenclature reminds me of Star Trek’s where the planet’s name, usually, is the star’s, and the number from that star. Like our earth would be called Sol III or Mars would be Sol IV.

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