06/30/10 Emily Comes to Head


Not a lot of blog in me today, no doubt I’m resting after Monday’s generous supply.

I like today’s strip. The action of Tornitus 6 is finally coming to head. And I’d like to think that it’s possibly up there in the “pretty zone” with two of my favorite comics, Dicebox and Family Man.


  1. Hornycricket

    for a moment there.. i was worried… poor Yuri…
    (btw, i get a black with star background and it’s difficult to see links and stuff, i end up having to hightlight everything so i can see it, not sure if it’s just me with the problem…)

  2. bauke

    Cricket: I’m going to guess you use Internet Explorer? The background of the comments is transparent, done in the css code with a rgba code, which internet explorer doesn’t understand.

    Chistopher or his webdesigner should put in a fallback for IE.
    [Christopher: just put a css rule of background: #53696F; in #content before the rgba rule, that way newer, more competent browsers (firefox, chrome, opera or safari) will overwrite the rule with the rgba colours, while IE will happily use the first rule.]

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