07/26/10 Plan Of (in)Action


For the first time in my life, I submitted a short story  to a literary magazine. Fun-fun! (But, no expectations)

From all I heard about San Diego Comic Con, it was a blast this year. I hope I get to go next year, I’ve been wanting to. I hope everyone who went had a great time.

Evan Dahm just finished his comic Order of the Tales two weeks ago (the story of Koark, the last member of a society of storytellers), and not one to rest long, Evan’s new comic, Vattu begins today! Check it out as well as all his other great stories at rice-boy.com

And thanks to Xerexes at Comixpedia for the nice mention today!


  1. Nogg, you don’t need Krep. You can insult the humans just fine by yourself!

    To be fair, they were simply acting like children, which I’m sure is how anybody would act in a new and marvelous city; especially if that city is on another planet

    Lastly, took me a moment to realize Dimitri and Emily’s speech bubbles were merging. I thought it was just Emily saying both things (raising the question of how she knew they deserved it). The “tail” coming from Pierrot should be longer to make it noticeable

  2. JKCarroll

    I cannot WAIT to see what kind of gooey duct-taped magic wand Gray17 (that’s Grey17 for our British speakers) builds to pull their respective rectal orifices out of the waste disposal arc incinerator. (Or is that supposed to be, “retrieving their adipose tissue from the laser-powered cooking utensil”?)

  3. JKCarroll

    @Frank, I beg to differ. Nogg can do a good job of a basic insult. But Krep can take a basic insult and add that touch of allusionary je ne sais quoi that is the hallmark of a true artist.

    And the humans were NOT acting like children. Drunk teenagers with car keys, yes, but not children.

  4. Lukas

    yeah, i loved how you solved the problem of having them both speak at the same time, worked perfectly.

    I’m literally on my toes twice a week to read your comic. at the moment events seem a little slow, but that might be because i read the whole thing just a month ago, and now have to slow down.

    and thanks a lot for the hint towards Evan Dahm

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